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On a mission to read all pertinent blogs about dogs and jewelry (yes, I know – why aren’t there more?), we stumbled upon this little goodie:  The Top Dog competition is returning to the SMART jewelry show this year in Chicago.  It seems to be not only a night of extreme fun, but also for an extremely worthy cause:  This year’s proceeds go to National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF), an organization that rescues dogs from shelters, professionally trains them to find people buried during disasters, then donates the dogs to fire departments and other first responders.

A worthy cause indeed.  To read more about this endeavor, go to: http://www.nationaljeweler.com/nj/independents/a/~28141-SMART-Show-brings-back-Top .

We like to find ‘do good’ stories about an industry we appreciate and participate in.  Here at Hennessy & Sons (www.hennessyandsons.us / www.hennessyandsons.ca), provider of luxury European dog collars and leashes, we ‘do good’ things every day: two percent of our proceeds is donated to the International Animal Rescue Fund.  How is Hennessy & Sons related to the jewelry industry?  Our line of European style leather dog collars serves as classic ‘jewelry’ for your canine companions – after all, they do dress up a neck quite nicely, don’t they?

And now that line of companion accessories will be available in yet another handsome collection: Hennessy & Sons is proud to announce that it will be unveiling a new line of Scottish waxed cotton dog collars in Spring 2012! The waterproof Scottish waxed cotton is known for its strength, durability and vibrant colors.  The fashion dog collars will be available in deep blue, moss green and midnight black.

Beauty, style, vibrancy, strength and durability – who could ask for anything more?

Well, turns out we could ask for more and deliver it: the complete line of Hennessy & Sons designer dog accessories includes ecological tanned Italian leather collars and leashes, genuine Harris Tweed dog collars, and collars embroidered with Edelweiss, a small white flower that is revered in Switzerland. All metal components, including an engravable tag, are rendered in high quality, anti-allergenic 316L surgical stainless steel.

The luxury collars retail for suggested prices ranging from $69.00 to $89.00. They measure from 8” (small) to 18.5” (large), the measurement being taken from first hole to last hole on the individual collar.  These are the first size offerings from Hennessy & Sons; we look forward to bringing you more sizes later this year.   The leather dog leashes are 48” long, 5/8” wide, and retail for suggested prices ranging from $99.00 to $109.00.

Graham International, a distributor of fine European accessories & the exclusive North American distributor for Hennessy & Sons offers a website for wholesale orders at http://www.grahamintl.com.  The website is a quick, efficient way for your business to keep track of inventory, restocking dates and current trends in the jewelry industry where watchbands and companion accessories are concerned.

Come join us in ‘doing good’ while keeping your store stocked with items your clients will love to keep their favorite canine companions ‘looking good’!


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Good Morning Fellow IJO Members;

The Orlando IJO Show has come and gone and we are all back at our desks (offices, stores, etc.) getting ready for spring and the next big IJO event.

The winner of our dog collar & watchband giveaway is:  MurDuff Goldsmiths & Engravers of Florence, MA.  (www.murduff.com)


We would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who stopped by our booth at the show.  It is always a wonderful thing to see our customers up close and personal, listen to their feedback about our website (www.watchbandsbygraham.com), and understand their needs and concerns in this economy.

As always, we come away with great insights and a renewed sense of what ‘customer service’ means.

Thank you for your continued patronage!

-Wendy Graham


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Ah, the glitz.  The glamour.  The baubles.  The baguettes (the jewelry kind, not the bakery kind, silly!).  The BLING.

Welcome to the International Jewelers Show in Orlando, Florida.  Home (for a few days) of jewelers and jewelry industry representatives, alike.  Warning: serious sunglasses required!

To be at an IJO show is to know why the jewelry industry is one of the largest industries in the world.  The beauty, craftsmanship and sheer volume in the converted ballroom of the Orlando World Center Marriott is staggering.  Wandering around admiring (and gawking) is a favorite pastime!  Here is where it is like a bakery to me:  one of each, please!

Rings to the left of our booth.  Amazingly large and wonderously beautiful rings.

Watches (http://www.beltime.com/) to the right of us.  Again, amazingly large and wonderously beautiful.

And the perfect neighboring booth for us: Watchbands By Graham. (www.watchbandsbygraham.com)

It’s a simple product, the watchband.  Some call it a watch strap; some separate the words watch and band: watch band instead of watchband.  Whatever your preference, these remarkable little pieces of leather (and silk, satin, silicone or rubber) perform a great service – they keep our beloved watches on our wrists.  But the watch band is more than just a keeper* of watches on wrists; it is a fashion statement all on its own.

If you wear a watch, you know of what I speak.   Especially if you wear one with a removable watch strap.  Business meeting?  Make your appearance even more polished with an alligator band (your choice of colors: black, brown, cognac, cobalt – and the band can be ‘polished ‘as well).  Semi-formal attire required?  How about a smart lizard watch strap – in a deep Bordeaux , Cognac or Havana?  Formal wear?  Try as exotic as it gets: ostrich or shark.  Their muted tones and rich patterning will surely catch the eye.  A casual dinner with friends at your favorite Italian Bistro?  A lively sport calf leather in a color such as saffron yellow or pumpkin orange should do very nicely and blend beautifully with the Tuscan feel of the restaurant.  And don’t forget your sporty side: classic polyurethanes in bold black.

So many watch bands in so many colors, styles and materials… so little time to try them all!  Come visit us at www.watchbandsbygraham.com and do some admiring (and gawking!) of your own.  We promise you ‘bling’ of a different variety with our metal bands in gold, stainless and two tone!

*Watchband Trivia: Keeper(s) are what those little loops on your watch strap – the ones you thread the end of your strap through to hold it in place – are called.

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Join the Movement!

As a small business, we at Graham International love it when small businesses are in the spotlight.

This year, American Express is once again calling attention to their millions of small business customers with ‘Small Business Saturday’ – Saturday, November 26th.

In the link below, you are able to call up small businesses in your area, go directly to their Facebook page, and view all of their specials.

From there, shop to your hearts content – in person (if the business has a storefront) or better yet: in your pajamas online!

Come along and join the movement – and support small businesses in your area this holiday season!


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Doggy Detail

Something we have always known at Graham International is this: fashion stretches far beyond ones’ wardrobe and accessories are often what define our “style”. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers not only with watchstraps of the utmost quality, but also with those that speak to current fashion trends. What we now know is that fashion and style is no longer just for you and I, just look at this article from the NYTimes: http://nyti.ms/fmdI08.

Our furry, four-legged friends deserve the same attention to detail and at Graham International we have decided to provide them with accessories that reflect our continued commitment to elegance and craftsmanship. Our newest line of Hennessy & Sons dog collars are beautifully crafted and in tune with modern-day trends and fashions – a must for the discerning, fashion forward pet owner. Your pet is already a beloved member of the family, don’t you want them to look like it too?


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Greetings from the happy, tail wagging land of pet shop owners, pet product inventory, distributors and of course, pet owners: The Global Pet Expo!

Research continues to show that owning a pet is a wonderful way to relieve stress and improve your health. That research can certainly be proven by the genial group of people at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida!  Smiles exchanged, pet stories swapped, helpful hints, advice given and taken – it is an ongoing exchange of ideas, products and business connecting.

A small moment this morning at booth 678: Aimee McKie, of Must Love Dogs in the Cayman Islands (www.mustlovedogs.ky), stopped by our booth.  Aimee is a small boutique shop owner (one shop operating and one to open in October) who loved the quality and elegance of our Hennessy & Sons dog collar and leash line (who wouldn’t?).  Commenting on the styling, we got into a discussion of unruly dogs who like to swim in their ‘best’ collars: would our collars hold up to such shenanigans?  We assured they would; our collars are made out of water-proof leather.  Plans to connect and talk further about her needs were made, business contact info exchanged.

We are meeting people like Aimee all day long.  Passionate pet shop owners looking for quality merchandisers and distributors who lend a human connection to the world of pet products. We like to think that Graham International, Inc. fills that niche quite nicely.

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Think about the last time you walked downtown in any city and didn’t see someone carrying a dog in their purse. Or even the last time your Facebook wasn’t inundated with pictures of friend’s puppies dressed in their holiday outfits (sweaters, headbands, etc.) come Christmas time. Personally, we’d have to go back to before the millennia to think of a time! Today if you Google “pampered pets” a litany of services and accoutrements appear, like airlines who service only pets to bedding choices that would make even the most seasoned college students just a tad bit jealous. Pet ownership has spiked in recent years, and statistics gives every indication that it will continue to do so. And while these pet owners may be childless, we all know that they still consider themselves proud parents. Fortunately, not everything out there is as over-the-top as your Google search may seem and we can help you. Just let us show you! We will be introducing the new Hennessy Collection from Booth 678 at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando from March 16-18: www.globalpetexpo.org. Or you can visit our site at www.dogcollarsbygraham.com and check out our newest line of products!

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