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Doggy Detail

Something we have always known at Graham International is this: fashion stretches far beyond ones’ wardrobe and accessories are often what define our “style”. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers not only with watchstraps of the utmost quality, but also with those that speak to current fashion trends. What we now know is that fashion and style is no longer just for you and I, just look at this article from the NYTimes: http://nyti.ms/fmdI08.

Our furry, four-legged friends deserve the same attention to detail and at Graham International we have decided to provide them with accessories that reflect our continued commitment to elegance and craftsmanship. Our newest line of Hennessy & Sons dog collars are beautifully crafted and in tune with modern-day trends and fashions – a must for the discerning, fashion forward pet owner. Your pet is already a beloved member of the family, don’t you want them to look like it too?



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Greetings from the happy, tail wagging land of pet shop owners, pet product inventory, distributors and of course, pet owners: The Global Pet Expo!

Research continues to show that owning a pet is a wonderful way to relieve stress and improve your health. That research can certainly be proven by the genial group of people at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida!  Smiles exchanged, pet stories swapped, helpful hints, advice given and taken – it is an ongoing exchange of ideas, products and business connecting.

A small moment this morning at booth 678: Aimee McKie, of Must Love Dogs in the Cayman Islands (www.mustlovedogs.ky), stopped by our booth.  Aimee is a small boutique shop owner (one shop operating and one to open in October) who loved the quality and elegance of our Hennessy & Sons dog collar and leash line (who wouldn’t?).  Commenting on the styling, we got into a discussion of unruly dogs who like to swim in their ‘best’ collars: would our collars hold up to such shenanigans?  We assured they would; our collars are made out of water-proof leather.  Plans to connect and talk further about her needs were made, business contact info exchanged.

We are meeting people like Aimee all day long.  Passionate pet shop owners looking for quality merchandisers and distributors who lend a human connection to the world of pet products. We like to think that Graham International, Inc. fills that niche quite nicely.

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Think about the last time you walked downtown in any city and didn’t see someone carrying a dog in their purse. Or even the last time your Facebook wasn’t inundated with pictures of friend’s puppies dressed in their holiday outfits (sweaters, headbands, etc.) come Christmas time. Personally, we’d have to go back to before the millennia to think of a time! Today if you Google “pampered pets” a litany of services and accoutrements appear, like airlines who service only pets to bedding choices that would make even the most seasoned college students just a tad bit jealous. Pet ownership has spiked in recent years, and statistics gives every indication that it will continue to do so. And while these pet owners may be childless, we all know that they still consider themselves proud parents. Fortunately, not everything out there is as over-the-top as your Google search may seem and we can help you. Just let us show you! We will be introducing the new Hennessy Collection from Booth 678 at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando from March 16-18: www.globalpetexpo.org. Or you can visit our site at www.dogcollarsbygraham.com and check out our newest line of products!

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