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Here at Graham International our business is helping your business run smoothly. Time wasted is money lost, and in today’s economy few can afford this luxury, so we got to thinking: How can we help you, as our client, improve your bottom line?

E-commerce should be simple, easy, and hassle-free…
Then we looked at our website and realized we could bring you a quicker and easier online shopping experience—one that allowed you to get in and out, and on with your busy schedule. Register free @ grahamintl.com to check out the improved design and experience all the benefits, but for now here are a few highlights:

  • Search for items quickly and easily to never miss a sale!
  • Eliminate the need to overstock—order only what you need.
  • Use your shopping cart to order, track and manage your inventory.
  • Your order will be confirmed instantly and shipped promptly.
  • Utilize the “Quick Order” entry feature to track items bought (all items will stay in your cart until you wish to check out).

The Bottom Line
After we realized that we could help improve your sales by simplifying and streamlining our services, we decided to get a little creative. Graham International would like to present to our clients an alternative way to help build their sales by offering other luxury leather goods for your consumers. They’re different, impulsive and make great gifts—let’s just say we decided to think outside the (jewelry) box:
Help your customers adorn their other prized possessions with luxurious doggie accessories that match the elegance and beauty of their watch straps. It’s a distinctive and exciting item that will catch the eye of your jewelry store customer that loves to pamper their pet (and probably keeps it in tote…)
Practically everyone carries around what is essentially a miniature computer in his or her pocket these days. Whether they are accessing their email, favorite website or updating their status on Facebook, your client would be lost without these coveted items. So why not offer them a way to stylishly transport and protect their iPhone or Blackberry?


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Sorry it’s been so long, but exciting times are upon us here at Graham International! The new website is up and running, along with our two new product lines. Check out the article we’re featured in on Yahoo! News: http://news.yahoo.com/s/prweb/20110202/bs_prweb/prweb5021034_1

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