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Graham International understands that in today’s constantly connected world the first thing you grab in the morning is your phone and more often than not it serves as your everything—your life-link, search engine and even timepiece. So in keeping with the times Graham International is excited to offer our newest product: luxury leather accessories for your iPhone or BlackBerry!  These finely crafted products come to us from Rhein Fils, Switzerland who has been manufacturing luxury European leather accessories since 1917. For more information, e-mail us at wgraham@grahamintl.com. A full inventory of the products will be available online to wholesalers in time for the holidays!


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h c reid 100th anniversary

Imagine the year 1910…

Graham International, Inc. was proud to be part of the gala event celebrating their long time customer HC Reid’s 100th anniversary.  The evening was lovely and elegant; a most wonderful way to commemorate such an achievement.  We could wax poetic about the evening for a very long time;  instead we suggest you read the fine article describing this event, the store and its wonderful owners.

Happy 100th Anniversary, HC Reid!


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A:  Watchstraps!

While strolling through StumbleUpon, we stumbled upon this:

“The Dalai Lama’s way of life is frugal – but not punishing... His only (other) indulgence is watchstraps. “  I love them. My glasses, my shoes, my robes are always the same. The watchstrap, I change – I collect them.”www.telegraph.co.uk

A man after our own hearts here at Graham International, Inc.

We should probably check out shipping costs to Nepal…

Have you changed your watchstrap lately?  www.watchbandsbygraham.com

PS:  Jewelers!  While stumbling around on your own on the net, you can also find us at http://www.grahamintl.com.  Great selection of affordable European luxury for your discriminating customers.  New product added regularly, so check in often!

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