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Going Green in the jewelry industry – proving glamour & social responsibility can co-exist, beautifully! Check out Graham International’s eco-friendly watch straps in Ecopell® leather
and cork for your eco-savvy customers! http://www.watchbandsbygraham.com



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Great deals to visit our ‘home away from home’: Graham International’s founder and President, Wendy Graham hails from Canada.  A beautiful place to visit during the summer months… enjoy the great deals!


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While strolling through StumbleUpon, we stumbled upon this:

“The Dalai Lama’s way of life is frugal – but not punishing... His only (other) indulgence is watchstraps. ”  I love them. My glasses, my shoes, my robes are always the same. The watchstrap, I change – I collect them.”www.telegraph.co.uk

A man after our own hearts here at Graham International, Inc.

We should probably check out shipping costs to Nepal…

Have you changed your watchstrap lately?  www.watchbandsbygraham.com

PS:  Jewelers!  While stumbling around on your own on the net, you can also find us at http://www.grahamintl.com.  Great selection of affordable European luxury for your discriminating customers.

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Wonderful shout-out from our fine customer, Berning’s Fine Jewelry.  Check it out!


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To offer a higher quality and comprehensive collection of watchbands, you have to look a little further and travel that extra mile.    -Wendy Graham, President



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